BuildingReports University offers affordable training options for inspector, manager and administrator users on all BuildingReports products and services—and will conduct training at your office. Our experts not only provide hands-on training for inspectors and office staff, but share best practices to help ensure inspections are completed thoroughly, accurately, and in accordance with codes and standards.

On-location Training Options:

  • 16-Hour Deployment Training for Inspectors & Staff – this two-day class covers everything inspectors, managers and account administrators need to know. It includes classroom and field inspection training to help users get up-and-running quickly on BuildingReports’ services and solutions. This is recommended for classes with more than 10 students, or members with multiple solutions who require more instruction.
  • 12-Hour Deployment Training for Inspectors & Staff – the 12-hour version of the class includes everything in the 16-hour deployment training, but is for members with 10 or fewer students—or who have more simplified membership packages.
  • 8-Hour Deployment Training for Inspectors & Staff – this one-day training course offers an abridged option from the multi-day trainings, and is typically for new members with prior ScanSeries, field inspection or portal administration/user management experience.
  • 8-Hour Inspector Refresher Training – has your organization experienced turnover since your last training session, or have you added new BuildingReports solutions? This one-day training session is designed to help your team get up to speed quickly so you’re getting the most from your membership.

For an additional charge, BuildingReports University also provides on-location training for international members (English and Spanish languages only).